Founder - Marie Harrison

Founder - Marie Harrison


It all started when...

I was dialing 911 because my heart was pounding out of my chest and I thought, 'This is it!' After being taken out of my house on a snowy night, (strapped into a wheel chair looking like a lunatic), whisked into an ambulance and taken to the hospital only to find out it was probably just an anxiety attack brought on by Menopause...The journey began.

Upon coming home,(and while visiting doctors, having tests and wearing heart monitors) I was still able to joke about my ordeal. So I thought about a joke gift that menopausal women could put on their body and cure all their woes.  I would learn how to make lotion, call it 'Bloodstream Cream' and become a millionaire.  So the research began.

A few clicks later and I realized that most of our body products have enough chemicals in them to cause more problems than just the mere menopausal hot flash. We're talking 'cancer causing', 'endocrine disrupting', 'allergic reactions', 'parabens', 'organ system toxicity', not to mention asthma inducing fragrances, etc, etc, etc.

So what is one to do?

Create the best, organic, all natural, green, no preservative, essential oil scented products this side of Heaven.

I hope you enjoy them. :)